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DarkHobbySquad is an NFT collection of 8888 unique Cyber Kelly avatars, automatically generated by a computer, which are not repeated. The rarity of the NFT is given by glasses, since all glasses have a different percentage of repetition in the collection, the same is true for other elements such as background, shadow and DHJ blocks. In this collection there is a reference to the NFT collection "DarkHobby Journal" based on articles about models, NFTs were created with models in an abstract style.

Cyber Kelly is the main character of the "DarkHobby" universe. This is a girl whose life changed dramatically in 2020 and she was forced to change her lifestyle and completely immerse herself in the cyber space. She previously had programming skills and knowledge in IT, now she needed them more than ever to equip her new digital home. For her, the main goal is freedom and independence in all its manifestations. She is looking for like-minded people to return to their former way of life together.

Collection of NFTs about girls from my magazine

Each NFT is linked to an article about a girl where you can learn more about her.


Road Map



Real nft metadata will be available (made for security purposes)

10x Kelly's Giveaway (Existing Owners Only)


We are strengthening the management of Discord and social networks, which will include community managers and moderators, in order to take our DarkHobby Squad community to the Moon

10x Kelly's Giveaway (Existing Owners Only)



10% of the sale amount of the collection will be donated to humanitarian aid to Ukraine๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›

Holders of the NFT are waiting for a wonderful gift ๐ŸŽ

10x Kelly's Giveaway (Existing Owners Only)


Development & Support DarkHobby.

10x Kelly's Giveaway (Existing Owners Only)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Cyber Kelly's atavarts are there?

There's a total of 8,888 (1-of-1) Cyber Kelly's. We've reserved 200 of them for giveaways and gifts.

2. How much does each NFT cost to mint?

Mint price is 15 MATIC + Gas

3. What are my rights when I purchase a DHS NFT?

You own all the rights to the NFT you purchased, including the underlying art. For personal and commercial use. We'll retain commercial rights for merch, more on this later.

4. On which blockchain will the collection be launched?

On Polygon(MATIC)

5. What is the smart contract address of this collection?